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About Us

Equity Credit Capital is a global investment management firm originating from Asia with clients and business lines across the world's major markets (Singapore, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, British Virgin Islands, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mauritius and South Africa).

With faith, loyalty and vision, Equity Credit Capital preserved the principles and values that have governed its operation since its establishment. Our primary aim is credibility, reliability and efficiency in global financial services. Our everyday concern, constant qualitative and quantitative improvement of our products and services, modern and responsible treatment of all the investment banking needs of our clients.

Equity Credit Capital is one of the leading independent wealth advisory firms, especially for Asia, Middle East and African investors. Our clients are generally high net-worth individuals, successful entrepreneurs and wealthy families with an interest in international wealth planning, jurisdictional diversification and global investment opportunities. We work with several Swiss and international banks who provide a warm welcome and offer their custodial and brokerage services to clients who are introduced by us.



Equity Credit Capital believe in establishing solid relationships with our clients and in working together towards finding the best option to fit their individual needs. We place great importance on growing our product range and our client knowledge. Above all, we consider that sustainable growth in all these aspects ensures a long-standing rapport with our clients.